Cecilia Mizzi

B.ExSsc M.Phty APAM



 Provides: Physiotherapy, Clinical Pilates, McKenzie Method, Dry Needling 

Cecilia is strongly passionate in treating and preventing musculoskeletal injuries in performance sports, as well as low back and neck pain. Her expertise in identifying movement dysfunction, alongside her manual therapy skills and aptitude for exercise prescription, permits an all-inclusive approach to treatment for a variety of injuries. 


Her performing arts background entails a certificate IV in performing arts as a scholarship student at ED5 International. With more than fifteen years’ experience of competitive and professional dance (both nationally and internationally), she truly understands the pressure and the physiological demand required for elite sports.


Cecilia has always had a strong focus towards continued professional development and broadening her clinical knowledge. When Cecilia isn’t in the clinic you can usually find her outdoors being active or hanging out with family, friends and Slinky her dachshund.

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Relevant Post Graduate Training

  • Masters of Physiotherapy 

  • Bachelor of Exercise and Sports Science 

  • DMA Clinical Pilates - Full Certification 

  • Sport Physiotherapy Level 1 APA

  • Dry Needling Level 1 GEMt Course 

  • Screening and Conditioning for Dancers APA

  • Anterior Hip and Groin Pain - Alison Grimaldi 

  • Studio Pilates International Mat Level 1 

  • McKenzie Part A The Lumbar Spine 

  • McKenzie Part B The Thoracic and Cervical Spine 

  • McKenzie Part C Advanced Lumbar Spine and Extremities - Upper Limb


Australian Physiotherapy Association Member