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Clinical Exercise & Pilates

Clinical exercise programs are designed by our leading Physiotherapists to support your health, rehabilitation and performance. No matter your stage of life, every class is individualised so you can be confident that you are safely working towards your health and fitness goals.

The great news is that because our clinical exercise classes are Physiotherapy led with evidence supporting its positive outcomes, all of our classes are claimable on health insurance under your ‘Physiotherapy’ allowance. Check with your health funds directly for further information.

Are you new here or want extra information about what we offer? Download our Welcome Pack to find out all you need to know before booking your first appointment with us. 



Perfect for: correcting technique and working on personal goals

A 1:1 session with a Physiotherapist to help rehabilitate injuries, target specific goals and build confidence in preparation for classes. This will utilise the full reformer, trapeze table, chair and other apparatus.

Pre attendance requirements

Initial 1 hour min assessment for history, assessment of movements and strength and discussion of program goals. Will commence Pilates exercise in the initial session.

Duration 30-60 mins | Class Size 1-2



Semi-private clinical equipment class using the reformer, trapeze table, wonder chair and small apparatus to rehabilitate injuries or work at a beginners to advanced level to target specific core and mobility goals. Each individual is working on their own exercises and own program under close supervision and instruction by your Physiotherapist.

Semi-private classes are also offered via Telehealth if you are unable to attend the clinic. Your program will be modified to whatever equipment you have at home. 

Pre attendance requirements

Will require between 2-3 1:1 sessions prior to joining to assess, teach foundational movements and plan program based on individual client goals.

Duration 50 mins | Class Size 4



A circuit-style class for those over 50 who would like to target their bone health, balance, falls risk, muscle strength, posture and core. This class utilises various physio equipment to challenge the body and mind. Each individual is working at their own level to achieve their specific goals under close supervision and instruction by your Physiotherapist/Exercise Physiologist. 

Strength, Bones & Balance can also be offered as a duet if you would prefer to exercise with a partner or friend at a time that suits you. If you are unable to attend the clinic, the class can be attended via Telehealth. Your program will be modified to whatever equipment you have at home. 

Pre attendance requirements
You will need a 60 minute 1:1 assessment to determine your eligibility and take your history to understand injuries, goals, health status and into the class. You will commence exercise to determine where you start in this initial session.

Review 1:1 assessments are conducted every eight weeks in order to freshen up your program and update your goals based on your progress.

Duration 50 mins | Class Size 4

Click here to download Strength Bones & Balance timetable & pricing

Class Timetable

Click here to download timetable

Our timetable is always growing, please contact us to request new class times. 

Clinical Exercise Timetable - mar 2023.png

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Frequently Asked Questions

General Questions

Why do I need to attend a Pre-Class Assessment?

This initial session provides the Physiotherapist with a thorough history of your health and injuries and ensure that you are working at a safe yet challenging level of exercise. The initial assessment also provides time for 1:1 instruction of foundational exercises.


I am an existing patient of the practice, do I still need a pre-class assessment consultation?

More than likely yes, however if you are currently under physiotherapy care you can discuss this with your physiotherapist.


What do I wear to an Exercise Class?

Any exercise clothes that you are comfortable moving in. You will be required to wear grippy socks for safety and hygiene. Typically classes are done barefoot, however you may prefer to wear enclosed joggers. 


What else do I need to bring?

Please bring a towel and water bottle.


How long are classes?

Private or Duet classes are booked as per a normal appointment and can be 30 minutes, 45 minutes or 60 minutes.

Semi-private classes are 50 minutes.

If you are limited by injury or illness, you do not need to stay for the full duration of the group class.


Who is running each exercise session?

Every exercise consultation is Physiotherapy led with additional qualifications in Exercise Physiology, Clinical Pilates or Exercise Science. We consider exercise consultations “shared physiotherapy appointments” as we are still working on injury prevention, rehabilitation, strength and mobility – from our physiotherapy lens. 


Clinical Questions

I’m pregnant, am I safe to exercise?

If you have clearance from your obstetrician or general practitioner, we will ensure exercises safe for pregnancy.


I’m postnatal, am I safe to exercise?

If you have clearance from your obstetrician or general practitioner, we will ensure exercises safe for the post-natal period.


I’ve had spinal or orthopaedic (shoulder, hip, knee etc) surgery, am I safe to exercise?

Absolutely. If you have been given clearance by your surgeon to commence physiotherapy rehabilitation, these individualised classes can be a fantastic supplement to 1:1 physiotherapy consultations and home exercises.

I have tried clinical pilates and other exercise groups before and my symptoms flared up. I want to exercise but I’m not sure if this is for me?

Our Clinical Pilates classes are tailored by our Physiotherapists to your needs, goals and limitations. We commonly find that classes are well tolerated as we work closely with each person with their bespoke program. Your session will be paced to your needs.


I have no injuries or health concerns, can I still join in for health and performance?

Absolutely, our programs are tailored to your needs. Clinical Pilates is an essential part of body and mind care. Working on on strength, muscle tone, flexibility and proprioception enhances sports performance, prevents injury and improves all components of wellness. 

Fees & Rebates

Fees & Rebates

What are the fees?

Private and duet exercise consultations are dependent on the practitioner you see. Group session packs are available for private, duet and semi-private classes.

How do I claim exercise sessions with my private health insurance?

After your session, you will be emailed a receipt to claim with your Private Health insurance if you are eligible for a rebate. Receipts are provided after completion of a casual class, or once you have completed all 10 or 20 sessions of your exercise pack. Please let reception know if you require a receipt. 


Can I claim exercise sessions using Medicare?

If your GP has provided you with an Enhanced Primary Care plan, private sessions are eligible for rebate. Duet or semi-private classes are not eligible for Medicare rebate. 

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