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(n.) Life or breath. 

Being injured, having surgery, or even having a slight niggle can be enough to disrupt the things that you love – sport, work, family and daily life. 


Our purpose is to provide the highest quality Physiotherapy service to get you back to life.

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Meet the incredible team at Prana, dedicated to helping you live your best life.


Our Values


Community, sharing, helping out each other where we can – this is what brings us together. Our passion is helping people, and we extend this to helping those in need.

You will also find us running, hitting the tennis courts, sipping coffees and sharing meals at local restaurants. Please say hello if you see us or our clinic puppy Winnie walking the streets!

Team Work

We work together with your GP, surgeon, coach, school and other specialists to support your rehabilitation. Recovery requires team work and regular communication between everyone to be on the same page. This takes the stress out of managing pain and injury, and improving health and performance.


It is important that you have trust in the health professionals you choose to see. We are honest and highly educated clinicians who will provide clear advice, recommendations and relevant treatments.


Our team work hard to provide advice and education on how to look after your body, prevent injuries and flare ups and to feel your absolute best. We also offer a range of exercise classes designed to help you recover from injury and achieve your individual health and fitness goals. 

Lifelong Learning

We pride ourselves on our love of education, growth and keeping up with the latest evidence-based practice. All of our Physiotherapists have post-graduate qualifications which make them highly qualified to help you recover from your pain and injury. We are regularly involved with Universities in research, and we are considered leaders in our field. 

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