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Work-Related Injuries

Our Physiotherapists at Prana Physiotherapy & Health are registered to assess and treat work cover patients under both the State Insurance Regulatory Authority (SIRA) and icare (Insurance & Care NSW).

Our Physiotherapists are experienced in a wide range of work-related injuries including ergonomic, overuse and postural conditions. We work closely with your workplace, rehabilitation coordinators and other medical professionals to get your injury rehabilitated and back to work as timely as possible.


Motor Vehicle Accident Injuries

Our Physiotherapists are experienced in treating injuries that occur from motor vehicle accidents include whiplash and acute injuries to lower back, knees and hips.

Whiplash generally results from a traumatic event involving sudden acceleration-deceleration forces. The most common cause for whiplash is a motor vehicle accident. Other potential causes may include roller-coasters, bungee jumping or a sports-related collision.

Physiotherapy treatment will help you manage acute pain associated with the accident and provide a step by step plan to get you back into work and exercise. Treatment involves thorough assessment, potentially referring you for imaging (e.g.: x-ray, MRI’s), providing hands on treatment like joint mobilisation, massage, dry needling and therapeutic exercises to restore range of motion, strength and reduce nerve sensitivity.


If your accident was more than 3 months ago and you have ongoing symptoms, we can help you with long term management using hands-on treatment, exercise, advice and education.


Please provide us with your claim number and case manager details at the time of booking.

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