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Braces & Walking Aids

At Prana Physiotherapy & Health, we stock a large number of braces and other joint supports for purchase. Our Physiotherapy team will assist you in correctly fitting any brace, mobility aid or boot.


Please feel free to call us on (02) 9436 2565 or send us an email for any enquiries regarding braces and walking aids. 


Some of the products we have in stock include: 

Moon Boots / CAM Boots

  • For foot fractures or stress fractures

  • Ankle moon

Ankle Braces

  • Ankle ligament support

  • Sports ankle braces


Knee Braces

  • Patellofemoral support

  • Osteoarthritis Support & Realignment


Lumbar Braces

  • SIJ Belts

  • Lumbopelvic / back support braces

  • Postural supports


Shoulder Supports

  • Shoulder slings

  • Clavicle and AC joint supports

  • Collar and cuff slings


Elbow & Wrist Braces

  • Wrist braces with thumb support needed for scaphoid fractures

  • Generic wrist supports and wraps



  • Available in sizes A - G


We also stock underarm and forearm crutches in many sizes, as well as walking sticks. All are available for purchase.

Book online now or give us a call to organise your next appointment.

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