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Dance Physiotherapy

Dance Physiotherapy is a type of Physiotherapy that involves assessment, treatment, and prevention of dance-related injuries. Our Dance Physiotherapists have personal experience in the performing arts industry and have a deep understanding of the intense physiological demands that dance requires of the human body. 

Dance Physiotherapy Services



Progressing into pointe shoes is an exciting time for dancers and we advocate to ensure this experience is unbiased, friendly and safe. A pre-pointe assessment is a one hour assessment entailing a thorough analysis of the dancer’s posture, dynamic control and lower limb flexibility strength and endurance.


A detailed history of pre-existing and current injuries, dance load and performance goals is also taken into consideration, and together with these findings, your Physiotherapist will carefully evaluate the dancers physical readiness to progress to pointe shoes.


Your Physiotherapist will liaise with your dance teacher and provide you with targeted exercises, potentially aimed at areas that require more attention for injury prevention and or performance enhancement.

Pre-Pointe Assessment

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A tertiary dance assessment is a standardised form by the Tertiary Dance Council, which is to be completed by a nominated health professional, as a requirement of the audition process for tertiary dance institutions. It can identify areas that may be susceptible to injury which is of value for injury prevention when transitioning to increased dance training load. It takes approximately 45-60 minutes to complete.


A dance screening at Prana is commonly undertaken by dancers at all stages in their careers, such as before an audition, transitioning into tertiary education, a change in training load, returning to dance from injury or after a long break. It is highly variable depending on the dancer’s goals and needs.


The dance screening identifies areas of dysfunction that can be improved on with dance specific exercises and therefore optimises performance. A dance screening will evaluate spinal alignment, posture, core/ pelvic stability and lower limb strength, turn out, control and flexibility. Furthermore, it allows the dancer to be screened for common dance injuries. 

Dance Screening
Tertiary Dance Assessment


Prana Dance Conditioning classes provide specific dance rehabilitation using Clinical Pilates equipment such as reformer, cadillac, wunda chair and more. Programs are tailored to the individual and designed to improve whole body motor control, alignment, dance technique, turnout, hamstring and adductor flexibility, spinal mobility, core/pelvic stability, and ankle strength and control. 

  • Classes will run for 50 minutes

  • Semi-private classes - maximum of 4 participants

  • Instructed by Dance Physiotherapist and qualified Clinical Pilates Instructor

Prana Dance Conditioning Class

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