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Corporate Wellness

Healthy employees create high performing workplaces. Prana Physiotherapy & Health is focused on providing preventative health strategies to avoid chronic disease and work related injuries. In Australia, neck pain, back pain and headaches are the second most common reason for staff to take sick leave from work. Reducing the stress of prolonged sitting as well as educating your team can help keep your workplace happy and healthy. 

Prana Physiotherapy & Health offers corporate wellness services both onsite and online for companies looking to invest in the health of their employees. 



Corporate Australians are being exposed to longer working hours, prolonged sitting, higher stress levels leading to an increase in postural imbalances, pain and injuries. Our Workplace Health Seminars are designed to educate staff on:

  • General spine education

  • Posture advice

  • Safe lifting technique education

  • Spinal pain prevention exercise education

  • Headache prevention advice

Seminars are available onsite or online.


Our ergonomic workplace assessments are designed to improve function, prevent injury and increase your quality of life by addressing:

  • Your workstation and the available equipment

  • Your work postures

  • How to get it all to work together

Ergonomic assessments are available onsite or at your home office


Onsite Physiotherapy can significantly improve staff productivity in the workplace and will enhance your organisation through reduced workplace injury and fewer workers compensation claims. 

Prana can set up onsite clinics on an individual or recurring basis and can assist your staff with Physiotherapy consultations as well as assessments of their work environment. 


These group classes are an introduction to reversing the damaging effects that prolonged sitting has had on your health. Research has shown us that taking the time to stretch and strengthen the vulnerable areas of your body (those that are effected by sitting) can not only eliminate the risk of injury, but it can and will improve performance at work too.


We have designed our Corporate Wellness Services for convenience in an office environment and will provide everything required for the treatments and seminars, including:

  • Treatment table, if required

  • Towels, creams, tape


If you are interested in Corporate Wellness Services, please give us a call on (02) 9436 2565 or fill out the form below and we will get back to you as soon as possible.

Thank you for your enquiry, we will be in touch shortly.

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