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What’s New with Clinical Pilates at Prana?

Clinical Pilates at Prana Physiotherapy & Health is not the generic gym class that involves performing synchronised exercises

Clinical Pilates has become a worldwide fitness sensation, visible everywhere from gym floors to online workout sessions. You might see people on mats performing synchronised exercises or using primarily low-rise reformers in studios. The uniformity extends to their attire, often featuring black lycra leggings and cropped sports bras. Nowadays, you can even join in from home, pausing online instructors mid-session to take a break or grab a coffee.

All these scenarios are fine if generic and half-measured results are what you seek. Here at Prana Physiotherapy & Health, all our instructors are also Physiotherapists, qualified to take your rehab from zero to 100. Whether you are rehabilitating post-surgery, suffering from chronic pain, or wanting to get moving again and use Pilates to transition into a healthier lifestyle, we’ve got you covered.

Clinical Pilates at Prana Physiotherapy & Health provides genuine and measurable results

Clinical Pilates at Prana is Different

Clinical Pilates at Prana stands apart from the rest. Why? Our expertise ensures genuine and measurable results. How? By conducting regular one-on-one reviews where we assess your:


Knowing what you want to achieve and why is crucial to us helping you get there.

Objective Measurements

Everyone likes to feel better, and don’t you want to know you are getting better? Objective tests include taking quantitative measurements of strength, endurance, flexibility, biomechanics, balance and more. With hard statistics, we can identify areas for improvement and help you excel beyond the normative data for your population group. We also use these metrics to track your progress over time.

Program Updates

Sometimes things don’t go our way and your situation changes. Keep your Physiotherapist/Pilates instructor updated about any changes in your medical history or current capacity so that we can keep you safe while helping you improve your health.

Program Progression

Every goal achieved creates a new potential goal. To continue improving, we need to adjust your program to consistently challenge your potential.

clinical pilates at prana physiotherapy & health

Being supported and having expert guidance is the first step in achieving your goals. 1:1 Clinical Pilates reviews are essential to this process, and Prana is implementing a program where reviews are necessary every three months.

Please reach out to Prana and/or your treating Physiotherapist to book your 1:1 Clinical Pilates Review.


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