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Join Team Prana in supporting pain research & education

Prana Physiotherapy & Health is supporting pain research and education this October with the charity initiative Go The Distance.

Why support the Pain Revolution Challenge?

Pain Revolution is a grassroots movement charged with changing how people understand pain. Their vision is that all Australians have the knowledge, skills and support to prevent and overcome persistent pain. Research clearly shows that a better understanding of pain and what to do about it is both critical and seldom delivered.

All fundraising goes toward educating health professionals, people in pain and the general public about the latest pain science and practices. Knowledge is powerful. There is hope for people in persistent pain.

During the month of October the Pain Revolution Challenge is asking you to run, ride or walk as far as you can to help support people living with persistent pain.

With 1 in 5 Australians living with pain it is likely that someone you know is directly affected. Pain Revolution is working to improve the quality of life of people living with pain and to minimise the social and economic burden of pain.

Create your profile and join Team PRANA so we can all support each other as we stay active and motivated in the last couple of weeks of lockdown. Make your goal achievable and challenging to your current fitness levels and feel free to chat to one of our Physio’s to see what is a good goal for you!

We can’t wait to share this challenge with you and to get active, motivate each other and raise money for Pain Research & Education.


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