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5 tips that will actually help you achieve your exercise goals in 2021

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As the clock ticks over past midnight on New Year’s Eve, millions of people around the world make promises to themselves that things are going to change this year. However, only about 75% of those people who set goals follow through with them after the first week. Now that we are already in February, how many of you are still working towards your goals?

You can increase your chances of long-term success by following these five simple tips to achieve your exercise goals.

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Start steady

It’s never a bad thing to dream big and set amazing goals for yourself. However, it’s easy to get overwhelmed when your resolutions are unachievable within a short time period. People are more likely to achieve their goals if they set smaller micro-goals that are super specific and realistic. If your resolution is to get stronger, start by increasing your exercise by one day a week. If you want to eat healthier, start with a fruit and veggie-packed breakfast every morning.

Mix it up

Doing the same thing over and over can get old pretty fast, especially when it comes to your workout. Mixing up your workouts will help you avoid boredom and stay on track with your goals. Regularly changing your exercise routine can also help ensure that you hit different muscle groups. There are so many options available when it comes to exercise, you could even commit to trying something new once a month. Think outside the gym - indoor rock climbing, kayaking, ocean swimming, yoga classes or surfing.

Document your process

It is hard to stay focused on goals if you can’t see yourself making any progress. Keep track of your weekly routine and make sure that you are building on it each week to work towards your goal. Progressive overload is a key principle to incorporate into your plan to achieve your exercise goal successfully. Make sure you write down your wins and challenges to help you stay focused on your goals.

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Pacing for success

This is all about balance. Physically, the body needs time to be able to adapt, meaning that your recovery periods between exercise can be just as important as the workout itself. Mentally, it can be disheartening or frustrating if you push yourself to the very limit and feel as though you are suffering with muscle soreness for days on end. Try to avoid boom/bust as an exercise behaviour and work on consistency with gradual increases.

Physiotherapist applying sports tape to injured knee

Seek guidance and support

One of the biggest mistakes people make when setting goals is trying to achieve them alone. Having support around you, whether from a professional or friends and family, can make a huge difference in whether you reach your goals this year. You may enlist the support of a physiotherapist or exercise physiologist to help you with goal setting, injury prevention and exercise programming. Or you may need help from a personal trainer or an exercise buddy to help keep you accountable with the added bonus of social interaction during your exercise session. Never be afraid to seek assistance where needed!

We are here to help you on your exercise journey and love to see our patients on the road to becoming happier and healthier. If you need help with an exercise program, injury prevention or you are keen to try out one of our clinical exercise classes, get in touch with one of our Physiotherapists today! Book an appointment online or call (02) 9436 2565.


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