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Unlocking the Path to Recovery: Concussion Physiotherapy at Prana

Christine Fletcher, Senior physiotherapist and concussion expert

Concussion is a term often synonymous with elite sports injuries but lurking in everyday scenarios, waiting to disrupt lives.

Meet Christine Fletcher, our senior physiotherapist and concussion expert, shedding light on the vital realm of concussion physiotherapy.

"A concussion is like having a car motor with all the necessary parts, but it just isn’t working properly," Christine explains. This mild traumatic brain injury occurs without structural damage, triggered by force to the neck and head, whether from a car collision, tackle, fall, or workplace incident.

While media highlights concussions in elite sports, it's crucial to recognise that anyone, from construction workers to soccer players, can be affected. The varied symptoms, including difficulty concentrating, sensitivity to light and noise, headaches, and more, demand attention.

Christine demystifies the science, citing disruptions in the brain's ionic balance post-trauma. This cascade effect leads to challenges in daily functions, manifesting as a range of symptoms. Addressing these symptoms requires a comprehensive approach, focusing on five main areas: vestibular system, oculomotor, heart rate variability, cognitive function, and the often-overlooked neck.

Team-Based Approach

Collaborating with a team of medical professionals, including Sports Doctors, GPs, Neurologists, and Neuro-opthamologists, our physiotherapy team tailors a holistic plan. In partnership with coaches and support networks, we ensure a well-rounded healing process.

Highlighting the intertwined nature of neck dysfunction and concussive symptoms, Christine emphasises early intervention. While presenting to physiotherapy around 48 hours post-injury is ideal, our doors remain open for those experiencing lingering symptoms even after two years.

Your Journey to Recovery

From the initial appointment, your physiotherapist will create a personalised plan. Prana Physiotherapy emphasises a graded return to activities, recommending a minimum four-week break from high-risk sports post-injury. Alternative exercise methods during this period maintain overall health.

Are you experiencing concussion symptoms or have concerns about a recent injury? Call Prana Physiotherapy and Health at (02) 9436 2565 or email us at

Christine and the team are here to guide you back to optimal health and high-level activity.

Don't let a concussion sideline you - let's work together towards a swift and effective recovery!


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