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What is a CAM Boot?

A CAM or Controlled Ankle Motion boot is an adjustable device that limits ankle and foot movement. It is sometimes also referred to as a 'Moon Boot'. The boot's purpose is to reduce movement at the time of injury to allow for healing, and it is important that proper rehabilitation follows this stage.

A standard CAM boot comprises of a flexible liner (which the foot fits into) and a rigid shell (which supports and protects the leg). Although the CAM boot serves a similar purpose to a plaster cast, it offers greater comfort and the ability to be taken off. However, it’s important that the boot is fitted on by a qualified physiotherapist, podiatrist or other trained health professional.

Often CAM boots are prescribed for high grade injuries to the foot or ankle. These can include:

● Severe ankle sprains

● Stress fractures

● Avulsion fractures

● Severe plantar fasciopathy (formerly referred to as plantar fasciitis)

● Post-operatively for Achilles injuries

● Ankle Syndesmosis injuries

Getting the right fit is crucial. A properly fitted CAM boot should allow you to weight-bear as tolerated unless advised otherwise by a specialist. There are many boot types out there and ensuring you are in the right one will go a long way to a successful outcome. Although we see them fairly commonplace, CAM boots are not always necessary. This is a decision that should be made in consultation with your specialist, physiotherapist or podiatrist. The use of CAM boots is temporary and n use is meant to be temporary and in most cases not all the time.

To arrange a CAM boot fitting appointment, enquire about our range of boots or to find out if a CAM boot is suitable for you, please call (02) 9436 2565 or book an appointment online.


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