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Download the Prana Sleep Diary

Click the link below to download the Prana Sleep Diary for free.

Prana Sleep Diary
Download PDF • 157KB

Tips on maintaining good sleep habits:

  • Stick to a routine - Go to bed and wake up at the same time everyday. Keeping a routine as close to your normal schedule as possible will help you get the hours you need.

  • Stay active - It’s easy to overlook exercise with everything happening in the world, but regular daily activity has numerous important benefits, including for sleep.

  • Limit caffeine to before midday - The intake of alcohol and caffeine, especially later in the day, can disrupt the quantity and quality of your sleep.

  • Prepare your body for sleep - In the two hours before bed, dim the lights, put away any screens and prepare your body for rest. Bright light and blue light delays your body preparing itself for a good night's sleep.

Keeping a sleep diary can also help you track what areas you need to work on to achieve a deep and restful sleep. We have created the Prana Sleep Diary (adapted from the Sleep Foundation's Sleep Diary) to help you get the best night sleep possible.


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