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Why every runner should have a running assessment

While running may seem like a natural form of exercise in theory, it doesn't exactly come naturally to everyone. Sometimes you need more than just hard work to feel that sense of enjoyment from running. Whether you are new to running, suffering from a recurring injury or wanting to increase your load, every runner can benefit in some way from a running assessment.

What is a running assessment

Running assessments are a specialised Physiotherapy service for beginners and athletes alike, who are looking to resolve an injury or improve your running technique and capabilities. Assessments allow us to analyse factors contributing to a current or past injury, fitness levels, as well as identifying areas for improvement in strength and flexibility to reduce the potential for injury. During a running assessment your Physiotherapist will analyse your:

  • Foot strike pattern

  • Stride length

  • Stride width

  • Body position while running

  • Your strength and capacity to run

A running assessment is a valuable tool that can help you a more natural and efficient runner. During your appointment, your Physiotherapist will also discuss:

  • Your running loads

  • Your shoes and footwear

  • Your running related concerns - injury or otherwise

  • Techniques, tools and exercises to improve your running.

Running assessments are catered to the individual, so if you are wanting specific biomecanical data or would prefer to look at the bigger picture, we can tailor the appointment to your needs.

If you would like to book in a Running Assessment with one of our qualified physiotherapists, please call (02) 9436 2565 or click here to book online.


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